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  • 10 Group Fitness Classes

    Slash Fitness

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    About the Reward
    With this voucher, your fitness package is just $200  $120

    Slash sessions combine the many great benefits of the fitness lifestyle that most other fitness modalities tend to separate! Our 3 phase program combines the best of both classic and cutting edge fitness techniques to provide you THE BEST POSSIBLE BODY. PERIOD. For example, the benefits of each of the most popular fitness modalities:

    1) Weight Training: Muscular: Strength, Definition. Increased Metabolism.
    2) High Intensity Interval Training: Fat Burning, Increased Cardiovascular Performance.
    3) Functional Training/Stretch/Barre/Yoga: Flexibility, Range of motion, Core, Balance.

    About the Business
    Slash sessions are the most effective and efficient way to attain your health and fitness goal! We customize each workout for individuals of every shape and size so no one is left behind! If you want to lose weight, sculpt muscle, improve athleticism or just get into better shape, you have come to the right place! You will get the most qualified and proven semi-private personal training experience in less time and for less money!

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    Slash Fitness
    290 SE 6th Ave
    Delray Beach FL 33483

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10 Group Fitness Classes

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